Workplace Investigations


Workplace investigations are often prompted by employee complaints.  Many complaints trigger protections under a myriad of employment laws. Investigations help manage and resolve employee complaints and are often legally required or recommended to minimize legal risk.  

At KSB Law, our investigative techniques involve gathering facts, evaluating credibility, analyzing relevant data, and rendering sound, reasoned fact findings. We provide a thorough assessment of the relevant information so that the decision-makers can make appropriate and informed decisions.


Conducting Investigations as Neutrals

KSB Law routinely conducts independent investigations where our attorneys serve as neutral investigators.  Our investigations encompass a wide array of internal and external employment-related complaints, often including allegations of hostile work environment, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, terminations, demotions, failure to promote, compensation disparities, transfers, leaves of absence, negative performance reviews, and/or employee discipline.  

Our experienced attorneys are well versed in protections under a broad range of employment laws, including those related to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, whistleblowing, and wage and leave protections.

COMPLEX Investigations at All Levels

Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with sophisticated, sensitive and confidential issues at all employee levels. We have conducted complex investigations involving the highest levels of management and compliance areas, such as:

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • Presidents

  • Vice Presidents

  • Legal Department/Lawyers

  • Human Resources

  • Compliance

  • Executive Directors


KSB Law attorneys have experience conducting workplace investigations in the public, private, government and non-profit sectors, at a wide range of private/public companies, organizations, institutions and government offices, including:

  • School districts

  • Government officials

  • Academic institutions

  • Transportation and other authorities

  • Global, international and domestic companies

  • Fortune 100, 200, and 500 companies

  • Large, mid-sized, small organizations

  • State, county and municipal governments


Our investigations span an array of industries.  A sampling of industries in which investigations have been conducted include:

  • Addiction services

  • Automotive

  • Beauty products

  • Communications, information technology

  • Education, publishing

  • Health and fitness

  • Health care, medical

  • Insurance

  • Legal

  • Luxury goods

  • Maintenance

  • Manufacturing, distribution

  • Pet care

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Social services

  • Trucking, carriers

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Other Investigation-related Services

  • Training on conducting effective investigations for employers (targeted to human resources, legal compliance and management employees).

  • Audits to assess the effectiveness of the employer’s training and investigation process,  provide advice on investigation practices, and offer guidance for implementing preventative and remedial actions following investigations.

  • Representation of employees who have made complaints leading to investigations and employees who have been targeted in investigations.

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