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KSB Law’s Summer Series Lunch & Learn Recap

Staying current on employment law compliance is critical for legal/compliance and human resources professionals and leaders. To help your organization stay apprised of updates, trends, and best practices, KSB Law offered a complimentary Lunch & Learn series this summer on numerous and timely topics:

May – NJ Cannabis Employment Law

This program covered:

  • Current legal requirements, guidance, and trends regarding cannabis use in the employment setting.

  • The need for appropriate workplace training and policies, and the process for evaluating potential impairment during prescribed work hours.

  • How to recognize and avoid potential areas of discrimination and retaliation related to cannabis use.

June – Wage Transparency Trends and Equal Pay Audits

This program covered:

  • Trends on equal pay, salary inquiry bans, and wage transparency.

  • Determining “substantially similar” duties and assessing comparable “skills, effort, responsibilities.”

  • Considering affirmative defenses, treble damages, multi-year lookbacks, and individual liability.

July – Unconscious Bias and Trauma-Informed Techniques in Investigations

This program covered:

  • Prioritizing bias-free and culturally competent investigations.

  • Recognizing and avoiding microaggressions and unconscious/implicit bias in the investigation process.

  • Utilizing trauma-informed interviewing techniques.

KSBranigan Law has announced its Fall Lunch & Learn Series, which will take place on September 19, October 17, and November 14, 2023.

If you are interested in participating in future Lunch & Learn programs, please email with your name, company information, and title to receive notices and invitations about our upcoming programs.