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Evaluating Credibility in Workplace Investigations & Conducting Culture/Climate Assessments

Our complimentary one-hour virtual program on September 19, 2023 will focus on making credibility assessments during investigations and how proactive culture/climate assessments can identify workplace issues before complaints are made. This program might particularly interest those serving as workplace investigators and/or in human resources, legal, compliance, or leadership roles.

This program will cover:

  • The importance of making credibility assessments, and the liability that can result when investigators fail to assess the credibility of witnesses, complainants, and the accused.

  • How to make credibility assessments when there are no witnesses to the conduct other than the individuals involved (“he said/she said,” “they said/they said,” etc.).

  • Sources to use when assessing credibility.

  • Making sound credibility assessments to avoid common pitfalls that could undermine investigation results in litigation.

  • An overview of culture/climate assessments and when to conduct one.

  • A review of privilege issues.