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Navigating Equal Pay Audits, Wage Transparency, Salary Inquiry Bans & Reporting Requirements

Addressing Pay Disparities, Trends on Equal Pay, Salary Inquiry Bans, and Wage Transparency, Navigating Complex Self-Evaluation Audits

This program will address:

  • Reviewing trends on equal pay, salary inquiry bans and wage transparency.

  • Assessing relevant compensation reporting obligations.

  • Ensuring compliant job postings with ranges.

  • Identifying and correcting pay disparities through self-evaluation audits

  • Maintaining attorney-client and work product privilege.

  • Determining “substantially similar” duties and assessing comparable “skills, effort, responsibilities.”

  • Considering affirmative defenses, treble damages, multi-year lookbacks, and individual liability

  • Avoiding steering/channeling employees into certain roles that create wage gaps.

Sessions last approximately 60-90 minutes.