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KSB Law is Pleased to Announce New Partner Teresa Boyle-Vellucci and Expanded Practice Areas

Press Release

December 3, 2019

KSBranigan Law PC proudly welcomes Teresa Boyle-Vellucci as a Partner of the firm. Ms. Boyle-Vellucci brings a wealth of experience in Employment Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution and is a seasoned mediator. She has practiced employment law for 20+ years and has been an employment mediator for nearly 9 years. She will practice in the firm’s Alternative Dispute Resolution, Employment Compliance, Audits & Training, and Workplace Investigations practice areas.

KSBranigan Law PC is also excited to announce an expansion of its existing practice areas in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Workplace Investigations, and Employment Compliance, Audits & Training, providing a broad range of services in helping businesses and individuals explore alternative measures to resolve conflict.

In the expanded Alternative Dispute Resolution practice area, Carole Lynn Nowicki and Lori Ann Buza have joined Kirsten Scheurer Branigan on the National Roster of Arbitrators with the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Ms. Nowicki, Ms. Buza and Ms. Branigan serve on the Employment/Commercial Panel. Ms. Nowicki also serves on the Consumer Panel.

Teresa Boyle-Vellucci also brings her active Mediation practice to the firm and has joined Ms. Branigan as a AAA Mediator. They both mediate employment law matters.