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Beth P. Zoller Spoke on NJSBA Panel “A Watchful Eye? Considerations on Staff and Office Security”

On Wednesday, May 15, Beth P. Zoller was a panelist on the program “A Watchful Eye? Considerations on Staff and Office Security” at the NJSBA Annual Meeting and Convention.

Given the increase in potentially harmful incidents directed at members of the judiciary and attorneys, panelists discussed the following: 1) What physical security measures are appropriate for the office? 2) What federal and state privacy laws are impacted? 3) What are the restrictions on recording employees? 4) Does capturing a client on camera in for an office visit a violation of attorney client privilege? Is it potentially discoverable evidence? 5) Are there other lesser security measures that can be taken? What about obtaining a security assessment from a consultant or perhaps giving some basic safety training to staff? 6) What kind of disclosures on these security measures need to be made to clients and/or staff? To find out more, click here.