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KSBranigan Law Joins NAMWOLF

KSBranigan Law P.C. (KSB Law) is proud to announce its recent membership in the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF), a nonprofit trade association comprised of minority and women owned law firms and other interested parties throughout the United States. NAMWOLF’s goal is to promote diversity in the legal profession by fostering successful relationships among preeminent minority and women owned law firms and private/public entities.

KSB Law was founded 15 years ago. The firm focuses on bias prevention and remediation through training, policies, climate assessments, investigations, equal pay audits, and counseling as well as dispute resolution services through mediation and arbitration. KSB Law helps organizations foster safe, bias-free, respectful, and culturally competent environments, and build diverse and inclusive cultures where equality, mindfulness, and well-being are prioritized.

We look forward to working with NAMWOLF firms and supporting organizations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the legal profession. Since its inception, KSB Law has been committed to the advancement and retention of women and underrepresented persons in the law. In addition to other services, we provide training and consulting services to law firms, corporations, and legal organizations to address challenges and support them in finding solutions.

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