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Rutgers University CWW 2022 Report on Women in the Law Showing Slow Progress on Equality of Promotion and Compensation

In August 2022, the Rutgers University Center for Women and Work (CWW) released a Report entitled “Women In Private Law Firms: Slow Progress on Equality of Promotion and Compensation.”

The Report compiled a number of national studies examining the status of women in private legal firms in the United States and offered a picture of how women lawyers were progressing in their professional lives. The Report addressed a variety of issues with respect to women in the practice of law, including the factors that contribute to women leaving their law firms, challenges women face trying to advance to top positions within their firms, and equal compensation issues. The Report also provided recommendations on “best practices” designed to help law firms in the advancement and retention of women lawyers.

KSB Law provided contributory commentary to the CWW in connection with the Report and is excited to announce involvement in a new project on this important topic.

In 2023, KSB Law will be collaborating with the Rutgers Law School International Human Rights Clinic to launch a well-needed study surrounding continued challenges related to advancement and retention that will be specifically focused on New Jersey women lawyers. The last time there was a New Jersey-specific study on this important topic was in 2009.