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Businesses and individuals can be exposed to fraudulent conduct and rely upon misrepresentations to their detriment. KSB Law offers closely-held businesses, publicly-traded businesses, entrepreneurs, and medical providers experienced representation in civil fraud litigation, including:

  • General business fraud

  • Defense against claims of insurance fraud

  • Consumer fraud

  • Improper debt collection practices. 

General Business Fraud

Our experience in handling general fraud claims includes fraudulent contracts, misappropriation of funds, intentional or negligent misrepresentations, fraudulent transfer of real property or other assets, and claims of racketeering and conspiracy under the New Jersey Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

Insurance Fraud

KSB Law’s clients include medical providers pursued by insurance companies for medical billing code violations, insurance fraud, the use of “runners,” improper self-referrals (to themselves, their businesses, or family members), and even racketeering claims. 

Consumer Fraud and Unlawful Collection Practices

We defend closely-held businesses, mid-sized companies, publicly-traded companies, and entrepreneurs against asserted violations of consumer fraud statutes and claims of unlawful collection practices. Although many such claims were developed under common law, statutory claims include RICO, the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, the Insurance Fraud Prevention Act, the Consumer Fraud Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.