Employment Compliance and Training


A well-trained workforce that follows compliance guidelines is central to productivity, morale, trust, and performance. KSB Law combines knowledge of employment law with experience in workforce training and audits to help facilitate compliance and respect in the workplace.

Key compliance tools are:

  • Training and Education

  • Audits and Advice

  • Policies and Handbooks


Training & Education

KSB Law is dedicated to developing innovative training programs and workshops for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. These programs include training in the prevention and remediation of employment-related misconduct. Training can be provided individually or in groups.

Our training programs include the following topics

  • Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations in the Post #MeToo Era
  • New Jersey Equal Pay Act Compliance
  • Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Prevention
  • Diversity and Anti-Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Prevention
  • Implicit Bias
  • Employment Practices 101* for HR and Managers

Audits & Advice

Our firm has a practice area focused on assisting clients in assessing their employment practices. Our attorneys have experience in identifying areas of needed improvement and creating practical solutions. During these audits, they examine employment handbooks, policies and procedures, postings and notices, and records and retention.

Key audit areas are:

  • Equal pay under the 2018 Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act/Compensation Equity
  • Wage and hour/overtime exemption classifications
  • Employment Practices 101 *

Areas explored in audits are:

  • Employment Handbooks
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Postings and Notices
  • Records and Retention

Employment Practices 101*
This training covers all topic areas noted below.

  • Background checks

  • Interviewing

  • Hiring

  • Medical condition inquiries

  • Reasonable accommodations

  • Medical leaves and conditions

  • Family leaves

  • Disabilities and sick leaves

  • Performance reviews

  • Performance improvement plans (PIP)

  • Discipline

  • Demotions and promotions

  • Reorganizations

  • Layoffs

  • Compensation and raises

  • Complaints

  • Safety and whistleblower concerns

  • Job descriptions

  • Overtime

  • Terminations

Policies & Handbooks

At KSB Law, we strive to ensure our clients are compliant with existing rules and regulations to avoid the risk of litigation and related workplace challenges. We draft, review, and revise policies and employment handbooks — key areas, especially in light of such recent legislation as 2018 New Jersey Sick Leave Act and 2018 Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act.

Our attorneys are well-versed in all areas of federal and New Jersey employment laws relating to the discrimination, harassment, and retaliation of specific protected classes that need to be covered. In states such as New Jersey, there are additional protections with which employers must comply, including such areas as harassment, retaliation, wage and hour, overtime, wage payment, whistleblowing, medical and family leaves of absence, and sick leave.


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